The Essentials of Weddings

Every little girl dreams about her wedding day, and I was no different. From growing up putting a sheet over my head as a veil to watching every episode of “Say Yes to the Dress” ever made, and eventually creating my own Pinterest board, I have always been obsessed with planning weddings. When asked what I wanted to blog about for an entire semester, the first idea that came to mind was weddings. Not only is it a fun light topic that easily lends itself to blogging, but why not write about something that I already look at and research all the time? Finally a way to put what many see as wasted hours looking at wedding dresses and color schemes to good use!

One of my favorite things about weddings is the uniqueness that goes into every single one. There aren’t many events that you get to plan from beginning to end and have final say on every aspect other than your wedding. Your wedding can be whatever you want it to be. From destination weddings, small family gatherings, and extravagant parties, a wedding is an event that allows the couple to show off their relationship in whatever way they best see fit.

More About Me


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I’m a true southern girl with a love for traditions and what better tradition is there than weddings? Weddings are long standing and full of magic and love; however, understanding everything that goes into a wedding , including the planning process can be stressful. While I may be no expert on the wedding industry as whole, I do have my own opinions and style when it comes to all the essentials that go into one of the greatest days of any girls life. My goal for this blog is not only to help you [the reader], but to learn more and engage myself with one of my favorite topics. Hopefully combining my current ideas and stylistic choices with a better understanding of the industry as whole I can inspire you in your planning process.

Breaking Down the Blog

The first two topics I plan to expand on are the history of the wedding industry and the traditions of weddings. When discussing the wedding industry as whole, I plan to look into how much money goes into the industry, who the big players involved are, and how much  it has developed and expanded over time. In terms of the traditions of weddings, I am hoping to fully explain what some of the most popular wedding traditions are and why they still exist in today’s society. My goal is to pull in personal interviews from people within the wedding industry in the Greenville, South Carolina area to get an insiders perspective on how the industry and these traditions function on a local level.

As the blog continues and further develops, I plan to dive heavily into the planning process of weddings. Throughout this I want to look at venues, wedding dresses, food, music, decorations and themes, and pictures and photographers. When looking at venues, I want to focus on certain popular venues around the Greenville area as well as discussing what important factors go into deciding on a venue. I hope to be able to rank these and get first hand images of the places to display here.  For wedding dresses, I’m going to look into the importance of the experience as well as popular wedding dresses for certain body types. One of my goals for this section is to be able to go into a dress boutique and get some information and advice from a consultant. The sections of food, music, and decorations will be broken into what’s hot within the industry. I will also focus on some important debates surrounding the subjects like buffets vs. sit down meals, dj vs. bands, and even what’s hot or not in themes. When looking at decorations, I am going to research where some of the best places to get wedding decor for cheap are as well as what are some DIY tips and tricks to make your wedding stand out without breaking your budget. Finally I hope to get to interview and explore some of the popular wedding photographers in the Greenville area as well as highlight some of the most popular images to have taken on your wedding day.

I’m truly excited about this experience and I can’t wait to dive head on into one of my favorite industries and hopefully help you to plan your perfect day!


Featured Image by Elleen Rivard on Flickr


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