Podcast Analysis: The Extremes of Marriage

The wedding is over, this means everything turned out well and everyone lives happily ever after, right?! Well not quite. In the group of podcasts I listened to there were a mixture of stories of marriages (including the good and the bad) and how people dealt with their situations. Here is a list of the three podcasts I listened to and reviewed.

1) This American Life- “Infidelities

This American Life is a great podcast to listen to if you are looking for some really entertaining stories that all focus around the human experience. They are broken down like a play with a prologue and separate acts. Each different section explains a story that relates to an overarching theme. Host Ira Glass makes sure to continue the story along in a way that doesn’t take a way from the listeners experience but helps to quickly develop it.

The “infidelities” episode focused on exactly that. The not so pretty side of marriages. The cheaters, the people that were cheated on, and the families and relationships that were effected by it. In more than one case throughout the episode you got to hear the stories of infidelity unfold from the views of multiple people involved. While the stories may not be positive, the episode is sure to have you fully engaged with the stories wanting to ask questions yourself right along with the interviewer. It is a great listen for anyone that just wants to hear about somebody else’s life experiences (or maybe even feel more confident about your own marriage!)

2) The Moth Radio Hour- “About You and Me

The Moth Radio Hour has a completely different approach to Podcasts. Instead of having an overarching topic and having little mini stories about them, they let people tell short 15 minute stories and collect three together under a category. While the stories are interesting and it is nice that you only have to focus on one at a time, it is a little harder to follow and probably not the right choice for someone looking to listen for a long time. However, if you have a short car trip, throw one of these on for tons of entertainment!

The cool thing about the story “About You and Me” is that is was told entirely from the person who experienced it. The Moth Radio Hour gets many interesting people to tell their stories so you know that one is never going to sound like the other. This story consisted of a twisted relationship that began, ended in divorce, and eventually began again. Comedy is laced throughout the story making even the sad or serious parts just as exciting to listen to as the narrator unfolds his chaotic relationship. Try listening to this if you need a way to try and remain positive about that on again off again relationship… sometimes even a divorce doesn’t mean it’s over!

3) Marriage is Funny- “Shared Hobbies Lead to Shared Arguments

Marriage is Funny is a podcast that takes a unique approach. It is hosted by a couple and they simply discuss different aspects of their lives as a couple, where they came from, and where they are now. Their podcasts are relatively happy and upbeat, but their love and support for one another definitely shines through and can sometimes be enough to bring you to tears. Don’t listen to this podcast if you want something that follows a strict formula with super engaging stories. However, if what you are looking for is a unique light shed on marriage and the casual conversations and struggles between a husband and wife then this is certainly worth the hour!

The episode “Shared Hobbies Lead to Shared Arguments” focused very little on their shared hobbies simply because it was an honest conversation between a husband and wife. They let their stories and their love for one another shine through and take the story where it needs to go. While the episode did focus on fashion trends both old and new that the couple had experienced and how maybe they didn’t or don’t always have the best fashion sense, they never stopped building each other up. The joked around and talked about the many silly arguments they have, but the support they had for one another was obvious. Check this one out when you and your spouse need some encouragement on how to be there for one another or when you need to be reassured that a successful and positive marriage is not impossible!

Featured Image by Peart_V on Flickr


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