A Dream Come True

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Furman senior Laken Weaver about her upcoming wedding from everything about her fiance, to finding the dress, and the planning experience. This is her story.

lw-5-edit“We met in like July. We went on a date then, but it was sort of like a casual thing… It was kind of awkward. Then in December we went on our first official date. Afterwards, I immediately texted my friend and was like ‘I’m going to marry him.’ I don’t know… It’s just like a feeling you get. It’s weird.

My family has been super supportive. My dad has actually been more involved than I thought or would possibly like haha. He seems to be really gung ho about it. I’m all for that because if my dad is happy then the whole family is happy. They’ve all just been really supportive of the whole thing. They all love Cody, so I think they are all excited. It’s good!


We got engaged over the summer, so like I got a lot of planning done over the summer. I wanted to have the venue, the photographer, the caterer, and things like that done so I wouldn’t have to worry about it.


Now it’s more or less worrying about the nitty gritty things… who’s going to be with who… just like the little details. That to me is more stressful than the big stuff. It’s been a balance though. I’ve kind of had to tell myself ‘no you can’t think about that now.’

lw-1-editAppeasing the masses has been hard. I feel like I have to please everybody… especially my grandmother. She has these expectations and I’m like ‘no we’re not going to do that.’ For one, it’s the guest list because you have to cut people and it gets all political. Two, it’s trying to get what everybody wants. Three, you have to make sure your wedding party is happy. But by far the most difficult thing is balancing everyone’s opinions because everyone has an opinion about everything and I’m like ‘just let me do what I want!’ This is Cody and I’s day… let us have what we want and then everything will be okay. That’s all that should matter in my opinion.

My biggest fear, I think, is just like making sure the day goes smoothly. I’ve been to weddings where the grandmothers have an outburst at something. I’m afraid that will be my grandmother because she’s very opinionated.

lw-2-editThere are just so many tiny details that get on my nerves: making sure all the food is there, making sure we have enough food, and making sure there is enough chairs… things like that. There isn’t really one thing I could say that I’m stressed about. It’s just kind of the day itself… I get kinda nervous about whether or not it will all go over well.

Finding my dress was kind of a funny story because my mom was like ‘Hey, lets go to this bridal shop and just look!’ I wasn’t planning on finding anything or buying because I… I wanted people there. I told the lady, I said ‘nothing mermaid or trumpet style because that would just look weird on me.’ Finally, like five dresses in she makes me put on this trumpet style and I was like ‘Really?! It’s going to look terrible!’ I walk out and look at myself and immediately I was like ‘Oh my gosh… This is it!’ Then I looked and my mom started crying. I guess you just never know.


My favorite part about planning the wedding, I would say, has just been about fulfilling my childhood dreams. I feel like every girl when they’re young, they have this dream of like their wedding day. I know from like middle school and stuff… it’s so different then what you think it would be. My taste has changed a lot haha. It is going to be a special day, and I think getting to know my fiance more throughout the process has been really cool too.”


Featured Image by Ellenzilla via Flickr




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