A Furman Fairytale

One of the most important aspects of planning your wedding is deciding where to have it. You want the venue you pick to be something meaningful to you, you want it to be pretty, and you want there to be plenty of access to coordinators that are willing to help you in any way possible.

The Huffington Post sets out a list of things to keep in mind when picking your venue:

  • Know the logistics
  • Visit the Venue at the time of your wedding
  • Find out if your venue is full service or not
  • Decide on the style, feel, or theme of your wedding
  • Ask, ask, and ask again


With so many options for a wedding venue, it is crazy to think that one of the best spots is right in our very own backyard! Furman University is quickly becoming a popular spot for many events, but especially weddings. As the winner of the 2014 Unique Venue’s “Best Places to Say I Do” award, Furman has a lot to offer in terms of great coordinators and beautiful on campus locations for every wedding need.


The Chapel



One of my personal favorite buildings on campus is also a great spot to have any wedding. The quaint chapel over looks two fountains and is surrounded by beautiful, lush flowers and trees. If the outside to the chapel weren’t amazing enough, the inside has a huge organ as well as great natural lighting sure to make any wedding party look incredible. According to Furman’s website, the chapel also boasts 27,000 square feet composed of an upper sanctuary and a lower area that also includes a bride’s room. It can accommodate up to 352 people, perfect for almost any event.



The Bell Tower




Another beautiful space for weddings on campus is the bell tower. Surrounded by our amazing Furman Lake the bell tower is a great setting for outdoor wedding spaces. The Furman website claims that the bell tower is a standing room only venue and is best for no more than 60 guests; however, if you were to set up chairs along the side of the lake facing the bell tower you could accommodate more people. The bell tower is also one of the most iconic spots on campus and is a must for wedding photos!




The Rose Garden



The rose garden is a magical place on campus that would be great for weddings. It is best when it is in bloom because you can see all the many different colors and species of roses. The beautiful gazebo located directly in the center of the rose garden is the perfect spot to say “I do” while being surrounded by view and fragrance of over 800 rose bushes and fresh flowers. Like the bell tower this is also a standing room only venue ideal for 60-70 guests. Getting married here would add a unique pop of color to any wedding photos!



Younts Conference Center



The Younts Conference Center is not only a good option for the wedding ceremony, but I personally like this location for the reception.The Furman website brags on Younts for its many amenities like outdoor patios, bride and groom changing areas, and nice restrooms. This location can hold up to 320 people seated or has room for up to 500 standing. It’s large and it has a beautiful ballroom that can be perfectly decorated to fit the theme and style of any wedding! Younts is also home to all of Furman’s event coordinators so they are right there on site to help you set up and decorate for your perfect wedding.


As if we didn’t already have enough amazing places to get married, our campus is also home to numerous fountains, just like the one below! Make sure before your day is over that you visit them all for some incredible wedding photos!


Planning a wedding is tough work! Don’t let picking a venue stress you out too much. Consider one of the beautiful, magical spaces on Furman’s campus. If you do, your wedding is guaranteed to be a unique and picture perfect experience!


Featured Image by Amazedinsc via Flickr.


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