Dream Dress:Wedding Dresses For Your Body Type


Little girls dream of their wedding dresses. The big ballgowns, the long trains, and we can’t forget the SPARKLES! Now that we are all older though, we have come to realize it is not as simple as that. There are so many different types of wedding dress silhouettes out there. How are you supposed to pick just one? Look no further, as this info-graphic and accompanying post will tell you everything you need to know about picking the right wedding dress for your body type and style!


This is the dress you have probably dreamed of as a little girl. David’s Bridal outlines the three key elements of a ballgown:

  1. A slim cut, waist trimming bodice
  2. A full bell shaped shirt
  3. Multiple layers of fabric making the dress appear to float

While this big and full dress might make you feel like a princess, it isn’t necessarily right for every body type. The Knot.com breaks down the basic styles and gives input on what dress is right for what body type. Ballgowns typically are a better fit for women with boyish figures (tall and narrow) is going to work best for this style as it highlights your waist in an elegant way. However, the multiple layers of fabric do a good job of hiding those problem areas that we all worry about, so you don’t necessarily have to be rail thin to pull off this look! Petite girls typically have to steer clear of the ballgown because it can very over powering. Remember, you want to wear the dress you don’t want the dress to be wearing you!


This dress can be similar to a ball gown, but much more fitting for many different body types. The three key elements of an A-line dress via David’s Bridal are:

  1. A fitted bodice, highlighting your most narrow part
  2. A skirt that flares out to an A shape
  3. Structured and flowy elements making it easy to wear

The A-line design is typically simple and classic. The Knot.com claims it to be one of the most popular dress styles because it looks good on almost everyone. The only reason to avoid the a-line cut would be if you were looking for something really sexy or something that was going to really stand out. This is more the dress type for someone who wants simple and elegant.


The trumpet style dress is one that is becoming more and more popular. It normally is fitted tightly and then flares out starting at or just above the knee. The Knot.com suggests this dress type for curvier brides that still want that formfitting design. It will hug your body in all the right places without being too restricted making it hard to move around. Bride Online brags on the trumpet design for being great at highlighting the natural waist of a women, so if you have an hourglass shape this should be a strong contender! This dress normally isn’t recommended for anyone who feels uncomfortable with showing off their body because it is so form fitting. Women with an apple or a box shaped body may also want to stay away from this design because it can make you look very heavy if you aren’t careful!

Empire Waist

The empire waist is another classic design. It relies on highlighting the smallest part of a women’s body (just below the bust line) and flows out simply from there. It can be very similar to an A-line design but typically with even less structure. This is a very flowy, airy gown; It would be the perfect style dress for a destination or beach wedding, simple and with a lot of potential for movement. An article on Timeless Bridalwear states that this dress is perfect for brides with a pear shape body. Additionally Bride Online claims that this is also a great style for apple shaped bodies. This design tends to pull focus towards the bust and can make a smaller chested bride look a little fuller while also keeping those problem areas once again undefined. While some busty women will have to be careful with the design because it puts such a heavy focus on your top half, with the right straps it could still work, so don’t rule it out completely!


Similar to the trumpet style is the mermaid. This design is similar in it does hug tightly to your curves, but it flares out lower down, typically below the knee, and not as dramatically as the trumpet style. The Knot.com highlights this dress for women with hourglass bodies as it will show it off beautifully. The one big problem with this style is it can be pretty constricting and may not be the easiest to dance in so that may be something you need to consider. Timeless Bridalwear encourages this design for slender and confident women. It is one design that you only want to chose if you know you will be comfortable enough to rock it on your big day without any hesitations. Your wedding day is the day you want to feel your very best so if you aren’t 100% sure it may be best to go with a different silhouette.


Bottom line: you want a dress that is going to flatter you and make you feel comfortable for your big day. So whether it is a mermaid or the traditional ballgown, hopefully you will be able to pick a dress that will make you feel like the princess you’ve always dreamed of since you were a little girl!

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