Dream Weddings: A Girl’s Fantasy

Dream Weddings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rc0pRAnXbz8&feature=youtu.be The following video is an exploration of how young girls think about their wedding days. From big extravagant plans they've been working on forever to a more simple and traditional focus, girls think of it all. Enjoy the video and ask yourself... what will your dream wedding look like?   Mentor Upstate: … Continue reading Dream Weddings: A Girl’s Fantasy


Lights, Camera, Action: A Guide To Video Production

You have your lights and your camera, therefore you're ready to make a video right? I mean that is how the saying goes. Wrong. There are many different steps and things to consider that all go into the production of videos. This weeks readings highlighted those key elements that are crucial to high quality video … Continue reading Lights, Camera, Action: A Guide To Video Production

Photo Edits

For this picture the main edit was a cropping and readjusting sizing. For this edit, I removed some of the haze as well as worked with lighting and color/contrast adjustments. This made the picture brighter, more clear, and allowed the color red to really pop. This photo was also mainly edited by changing the lighting. … Continue reading Photo Edits